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Snicky-Snack Shopping!

Grocery Store Shooting
Emergency service personnel work at the scene of a shooting at a Stop & Shop supermarket, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, in West Heampstead, N.Y. A gunman shot three workers inside a manager’s office at a Long Island grocery store Tuesday, killing one of them, police said. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Do you have to have a little snicky-snack when you go to the grocery store? We won’t out this person, but one of the hosts on this show can’t seem to grocery shop without grabbing a little snack while browsing their local grocery store and enjoy it before actually paying for it. Again, we won’t say who, but we all collectively feel this is DEZtine to end badly. A citizen’s arrest, a bagger’s arrest, or God forbid, an actual police officer arrest. Typically it’s a nice glazed fluffy donut. On the way into the store, without skipping a beat, without breaking stride, this in the words of some “criminal” snipes a donut like a hawk snagging a fresh Alaskan cod out of a Rocky Mountain stream. Bite by bite this fugitive peruses the local grocery establishment looking for the finest foods to feed the family and the next treat she can sneak and eat before actually purchasing the product. Couple grapes here, Sour Patch Kid or two there, and maybe a nice cool beverage to wash it all down. Ten minutes into this apparent shopping spree these free nibbles are racking up a bill that even Elon Musk would wheeze at. Not everybody thinks this is an unlawful, atrocious act though. Some people have actually come to the defense of this delinquent. Admitting they themselves do the same thing. Confessing they too for all intents and purposes rob the hard working citizens of their local supermarket. Simply because they can’t shop without a snicky-snack. Wow… Despicable. So, the debate rages on. Please help us solve this argument! Is this a disgusting, unethical, illegal act or is this perfectly acceptable and you stand by the side of this felon? Please visit our Facebook page and leave us your opinion. Please, we need your help to put this case to rest. Thank you!