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Softball Season Started!

The 2022 softball season officially kicked off for the Hubbard Broadcasting team Tuesday, May 3rd. After finishing dead last in the league last year just one season after making it to the championship game, the company softball team is looking to have a bounce back season. In a BIG way! You see, the Hubbard Broadcasting softball team is constantly compared to teams like the New York Yankees. The state, the country, even internationally, the H.B. softball team is expected to be competitive and compete for championships year in and year out. After finishing dead last in the 2021 campaign and taking a brutal beating from the media and fans alike, the company was not just going to sit back and be the laughing stock of the league again. So, during this offseason the company went fishing for some of the biggest fish in the sea! They casted their line out there and boy did they catch some trophy winners. We landed huge blockbuster free agents such as big Crisco and little Pidge. Some of the best to ever play the game.

So, last Tuesday the Hubbard Broadcasting team hit the diamond for the first time this year armed with star power up and down their lineup. Video production manager Pat, KS95 promotions director Elizabeth, and of course, Crisco and Pidge from the KS95 Morning Show. A star-studded lineup with names that are recognized around the world. A lineup that dwarfs even the 92 Bulls roster. Forget the G.O.A.T. guard Michael Jordan, we’re talking Assistant Chief Engineer & G.O.A.T. third baseman Adam VanConant! With freshly mowed grass, beautifully brushed dirt, and the sun beaming down from beyond the right field wall, the team took the field to take on their notorious rival, team Culver’s! That’s right, arguably the greatest rivalry in sports, Hubbard Broadcasting vs. Culver’s was penciled in as game one.

Team Culver’s was the away team so they batted first. They scored a measly three runs in the top half of the inning. Three runs in softball, that’s nothing and if you thought team Hubbard Broadcasting was just going to lay back and take it and not strike back, I’m sorry but you are sadly mistaking! Immediately H.B. loaded the bases in the bottom half. Runners on first, second, and third, no outs. Heads up Culver’s because we’re about to serve you a big ol’ buttered up loss with a side of crinkle fries. From that moment on, the beat down began! The Hubbard Broadcasting team soft-served their pants worse than 16 years old Crisco after a taco Tuesday at El Loro’s. After loading the bases with no outs, somehow the H.B. softball team managed to not score a single run that inning. In fact, they somehow managed to not score a single run the entire game. The only highlight of that night was the free pitcher of beer the team got after the game. The end result, the game being declared over by the umpire after four innings because we were losing so badly. The final score you ask? Wellllll… 17-0, but the box score doesn’t tell the whole story!

So what we didn’t get the win week one. We had a blast and have plenty more games to play. We just need to iron out some small details, make some minor roster adjustments and just get into the swing of things. This season is far from over! Trust me, the Hubbard Broadcasting team really comes to play when the games really matter… The playoffs! For now, we look forward to week two, next Tuesday, where team H.B. plans on showing the whole world week one was just a fluke and putting their first dash in the “win” column. Check your local listings to find where you can watch next week’s game. Or just listen to the KS95 Morning Show with Crisco, Dez and Ryan or follow them on social media for updates. Catch you later ; )