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Sorry folks: Harry Styles and Brad Pitt aren't co-starring in a new movie together

Harry Brad Together
Harry: hélène marie pambrun; Brad: Kurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images

OMG, Harry Styles and Brad Pitt — in the same movie???  Sounds like a crazy dream, right?  Sadly, it was.

According to Vanity Fair, earlier on Wednesday, the website of an international movie distributor, Vértice Cine, reported the movie’s title — Faster, Cheaper, Better — along with a plot synopsis and photos of both Harry and Brad, plus a casting notice that said they were starring in the flick.

Of course, fans around the world began hyperventilating over the news, but sources close to the Oscar-winning actor and the “Watermelon Sugar” singer have told Vanity Fair that the story isn’t true — neither of the stars are going to be in the film.

The movie, from writer-director Dan Gilroy, is about how human workers are being replaced by artificial intelligence, specifically in the trucking industry.  Back in June, Deadline said the movie “spans 20 years in multiple locales,” and is about a group of characters “whose lives are upended when automation and AI transform the world as we know it.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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