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‘SOUR’ girl: Olivia Rodrigo reveals which lyrics she’s most proud of, which song her parents like best


In an #askOlivia session for Twitter on Wednesday, Olivia Rodrigo was asked everything from her favorite snack to her preferred kind of juice.  But she also answered some serious questions about her acclaimed new album, SOUR.

Asked what song on her debut album she’s most excited to perform onstage, Olivia replied, “I’m so stoked to perform ‘brutal’!!!!! gonna be a rager.”  She also revealed that ‘brutal” is her best friend’s favorite track on the album, while “hope ur ok” is her parents’ favorite.

Olivia told fans that the two lyrics she’s most proud of writing on the album are “hope he took his bad deal and made a royal flush,” from “hope ur ok” and “crossed my heart as you crossed the line,” from the song “favorite crime.”  And her favorite part of filming the “good 4 u” video?  “Setting the room on fire!!!!” she wrote.

As for what advice she’d give her younger self, Olivia summed it up this way: “I would tell her that everything works out the way it is supposed to. i think lil Olivia would be so happy to know all her heartbreak would turn into something rlly beautiful.

Oh, and the answer to those first two food questions?  Trader Joe’s oatmeal cookies and apple juice.

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