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Speak Up or Shut Up?

Recently we all went to a Saints game with some of our fantastic listeners. Before the game and before we met some of our listeners, Crisco decided he needed to get a fresh haircut and shave so he looked his best. Well, Crisco did get a haircut and a shave, but did he look his best? Crisco arrived to the game thinking he looked pretty sharp. He had a classic, single blade razor save from a barber and a stylish new haircut. But, as soon as Crisco sat down Ryan quickly noticed something was off. This called in the age-old question, do you tell a friend they have something embarrassing going on to for truly their own good, or do you keep your mouth shut? It may be very embarrassing for the person you’re informing but, does that embarrassment out weigh the embarrassment of said person walking around with i.e. ketchup on their face, lipstick on their teeth, a booger hanging out of their nose? It’s a question that has plagued society for centuries! Click here to hear the discussion of the incident in question, the show and listeners discussion what the right answer is to this age-old question and some very valuable and wise information that may very well help you in the future.