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Spice Girl Mel C says she’s given advice to Billie Eilish about “the pressures” of fame

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Spice Girl Mel C has publicly shared her stories of how global fame indirectly led to her struggle with eating disorders and depression in hopes that it would help others. And it seems to have made an impact on at least one other global star: Billie Eilish.

Speaking to the U.K. publication MusicWeek, Mel says, “I have experienced these things, and been through a lot of pain. And if people can maybe avoid some of the pitfalls by my experiences, then that feels good. You know, it feels like it wasn’t in vain. And, you know, I’ve spoken to Billie [Eilish] about the pressures.”

She continues, “I often think when I speak to younger artists, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, yeah, shut up, Grandma!’ But Billie’s taking it on board and has talked about it too.”

When artists like Billie speak out about things like that, Mel says, it helps change the entire industry.

“I think what’s been a wonderful thing I’ve seen changing in the industry is – and I still think there’s a way to go – that some labels and management teams are taking the mental health and physical health of their artists more seriously,” she notes. “There is more support now that didn’t exist in the ’90s. We’re seeing artists pulling shows because of their mental or physical health. You know, that wasn’t an option. I had to get on with it…so if we can acknowledge that, I think it’s just for the greater good.”

Mel and the Spice Girls have spent the past month celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album Spiceworld, which originally came out in November of 1997 and went on to sell 14 million copies.

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