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Spice Girls release ‘Wannabe25’ EP and fan footage video

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Spice Girls are giving you whatcha really, really want.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of their hit “Wannabe,” their new Wannabe25 EP is out today. It features the original single, a remix by Junior Vasquez, the original demo recording, and “Feed Your Love,” a demo of a previously unreleased ballad.

“Feed your love to me/’Cause I need to know that you care/Feed your love to me/’Cause I really, really, really wanna share my secrets with you,” the ladies harmonize on the sensual, never-before-heard slow jam.

The Wannabe25 EP will also be released on vinyl and cassette on August 27.

In addition to the EP, the Spice Girls have released a special scrapbook-style video for “Wannabe,” featuring fan photos and footage. You can watch it on the Spice Girls’ YouTube channel.

“Wannabe” was originally released on July 8, 1996 and shot the U.K. girl group to stardom.

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