Staci & Hutch

Staci & Hutch: A few nice things you can do to “pay it forward” during this time!

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KS95 has been “social distancing” for over a month now, and the office can actually get a little lonely without everyone here to shake things up! That being said, Staci and Hutch decided to send a little love to some of our team members including our social media guy, Noah! He’s an avid runner but also a bit of a booze hound, just kidding! But who doesn’t love a few champagne wishes and Pinot Grigio dreams?!


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Here are a few ways you can treat the people you care about virtually:

  • Minibar – Use promo code “GIFTED” for $10 off your first order!
  • Starbucks – If you have the Starbucks app you can send virtual gift cards via text.
  • Venmo – Not sure what to give or where they shop? Open up Venmo and send a few bucks that way!
  • Paperless Post – Don’t have extra funds, but still want to send something special? Try Paperless Post or other E-card services, many of which are offering free “postage” during this time!

At the end of the day, times are tough! If you’ve got the resources, now is the perfect time to do something nice (even if it’s small) for the people you care about!