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Staci & Hutch: Uber’s most common and unique lost & found items

Close up woman hand orders a taxi from his mobile smartphone application.

If you’ve ever taken public transportation you’ve probably accidentally left something behind and it ended up in the Lost & Found. Uber has just released some interesting information on what gets left behind in their driver’s cars…

Uber released its 2020 lost and found data in the U.S. and revealed everything from the most commonly forgotten items to the most peculiar things.

Most Commonly Forgotten Items
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. Keys (BMW, Honda, Jeep, then Toyota)
4. Backpack / bag / purse
5. Headphones
6. Clothing
7. Glasses
8. Vape / e-cig
9. ID / license / passport
10. Water bottle

Most Forgetful Cities:
Lubbock, Texas
Oxford, Mississippi
College Station, Texas
Fresno, California
Modesto, California

Most Forgetful Times:
Friday and Saturday late nights
New Year’s Day
Halloween weekend
St. Patrick’s Day

Most Lost Luxury Items:
Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL and then Chanel.

Most Unique Lost Items as reported by Uber riders:
1. Mice for my pet snake to eat
2. A specimen cup from the doctor’s office
3. Husband’s CPAP sleep machine
4. A cooler of breastmilk
5. A six pack of *much* needed toilet paper
6. One fake cosmetic tooth and a skin colored retainer
7. An apron with the name tag “Kayla” from Krispy Kreme
8. A cat paw print from the vet
9. Keys with my dead dog’s dog tag with the name “Lucy”
10. Lanyard that says “virginity rocks”