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Stephen Sanchez says he’s planning “an entire sound change” for 2023

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Meredith Truax

If you fell in love with Stephen Sanchez‘s ’50s and ’60s-inspired breakthrough hit, “Until I Found You,” because it sounded so retro, we’ve got some bad news for you: He’s changing his style.

Speaking to Billboard, the singer/songwriter says of 2023, “Man, we got a brand new bag coming. It’s going to be really great. We’re releasing a debut record, and it’s going to come out in the summer, and I don’t want to spoil much about it.”

OK, so far so good. But then he goes on to say, “We have a new single coming out in January. I don’t want to spoil that, either, but it’s going to be an entire sound change. The whole thing has taken a flip. We’re not doing singer-songwriter, acoustic stuff anymore. We’re hanging up the guitar and swapping it out for a mic.”

Despite that, it appears he’s fated to be followed around by his old sound. He says of “Until I Found You,” “God, it feels like it just won’t stop. Every time … it simmers down, I’m like, ‘Cool, that was a great one. Let’s release some more great music.’ And then it’ll just pick right back … I get texts, like, ‘It’s going off again!’ I’m like, ‘Why? Why is it going off again?'”

Stephen’s not complaining, though.

“It’s very exciting,” he tells Billboard. “It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m really glad that it was this song, honestly. If it could’ve been any of [my songs], I love that it’s this one because it is very much my roots.”

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