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Stephen Sanchez says “Until I Found You” is “not even mine anymore”

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Stephen Sanchez is poised to release a new single on January 25, but his breakthrough song “Until I Found You” is still tremendously popular. In fact, so many people have used it for weddings or proposals that Stephen suggests the song “isn’t mine anymore.”

“It’s amazing, like, that people are using this song to soundtrack their love,” he told ABC Audio. “Y’know, it’s a powerful thing … I wrote this song about a girl that I loved. That’s all I needed it to be. And now it’s not even mine anymore. It’s, like, everybody else’s song.”

And while Stephen is no longer with Georgia, the girl who inspired the song, he says its popularity among other couples takes the sting out of that.

“That kind of takes the weight and the pressure off it in the sense that, y’know, it doesn’t have to be about that one thing that ended,” he explained. “And now it’s kind of immortalized in a way that it’s about everybody else’s love, which is very, very beautiful — and all different kinds of love, too.”

Meanwhile, Stephen is going from Georgia to “Evangeline” — that’s the title of his new single, which is coming out on January 25. He’s been teasing it on TikTok, and told ABC Audio, “It’s definitely tapping in more to my roots, which is very, very ’60s and very ’50s influenced.”

“I think fans are really going to like it and I feel like it’s going to stand out among a lot of different projects going out,” he added.

Stephen kicks off a sold-out tour February 7 in New Orleans.


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