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Stevie Nicks hopes new song "Show Them the Way" will "make people feel better"


Stevie Nicks has released her first new song in six years, “Show Them the Way.”  The song and its video were inspired by a dream she had in 2008, in which she was playing piano at a party attended by legendary political figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kennedys.  While Stevie wrote the song 12 years ago, she says, “It makes sense now.”

Stevie says she had the dream because she was watching a lot of political documentaries at the time, but says the dream’s scenario — her being hired to sing and play piano at a party — was “completely ridiculous.”

“I don’t play that well,” she laughs. “I mean, I would just play ‘Rhiannon’ 20 times, that’s about as good as it would get!” 

But besides that, she says, the dream was “so real..I feel it’s probably the only dream I ever had that actually had a beginning, a middle and an end, and I totally remembered every little bit of it.”

After writing the song, Stevie considered putting the song on her 2011 album In Your Dreams, but her band said it didn’t fit.

“So I said, ‘It’s O.K., I’ll just put it away and there will be a time,'” she recalls. “And about two months ago, I just started thinking, “You know what? I think that maybe this is the time for it.'”

In the chorus, Stevie sings, “Peace can come if you really want it.” She muses, “Maybe it will make people feel better, maybe it will bring people together, because it was written about 2008. It was not certainly written about anything that’s exactly happening now.”

“The whole social media bunch of people, they can’t really bash me for it because this was not written about now,” Stevie adds. “But it makes sense now.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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