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Stevie Nicks to release new song, says Harry Styles is "in the running" for her 'Rihannon' TV miniseries

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Since COVID-19 hit, Stevie Nicks has penned several emotional missives begging fans to wear masks and observe social distancing.  But she’s also making music.

The Los Angeles Times says the rock legend will release a song called “Show Them the Way” on October 9.  Stevie tells the paper that the song was inspired by a dream she had ahead of the 2008 election, in which she was performing at a political benefit for iconic figures in history.

According to Stevie, in her dream, Martin Luther King Jr. walked her into the ballroom, where she found John and Bobby Kennedy waiting for her, as well as John Lewis.

While she wrote the song within days of having the dream, she’s decided to release it now, because we’re in a “very strange and dangerous time.”  While Stevie won’t say for whom she’s voting, she tells the paper, “Well — I’m not for Trump, so that’s that.”

Stevie’s other project is a long-in-the-works TV miniseries about Rihannon, the Celtic goddess who inspired her song of the same name. Nicks has ten unreleased songs ready for it, and tells the paper that her good friend Harry Styles is “definitely in the running” for a role.

“I’ve already sold him on it,” she laughs. 

Stevie also reveals that before Harry finished his current album Fine Line, he invited her and five of her friends to listen to it, which they did three times, and all gave their opinions.

“He made a choice to be a rock ‘n’ roll star and not a pop star. That was a risk for a guy from a boy band,”  Stevie says. “That was like Fleetwood Mac doing Tusk after Rumours. I was very proud of him.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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