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Stream It or Skip It

Every Tuesday around 8:35 we do a segment we love called Stream It or Skip It. With so many options out there of shows, movies, documentaries, docuseries, and more, it’s hard to choose what to watch with the precious and little downtime you do have. Luckily for you, we have way too much downtime and nothing better to do. So, we watch the latest and topical new streaming releases and give you our opinion. A short breakdown of what the show, movie, etc. is about, whether we and the listeners liked it or not, and whether we feel you should spend your time checking it out or not. We love when listeners contribute to our show, particularly for Stream It or Skip It because we want to watch what you want us to watch! If there’s something out there you’re not quite sure whether you should spend your time watching or not, all you have to do is text us what you want us to watch. You can certainly go to our Facebook page too and let us know if there’s anything you recommend or want us to watch. We’ll watch it, give a quick and thorough breakdown of what it’s all about and whether or not you should watch every Tuesday at 8:35. If you’re curious what Stream It or Skip It sounds like, you can listen to our latest one as we review Jack Ryan: Season Four.