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“Supalonely” singer Benee is back with revealing new single “Doesn’t Matter”

Lula Cucchiara

Benee, the New Zealand singer who broke out last year with her hit “Supalonely,” has just released her second single of 2021: “Doesn’t Matter.

The song is about her mental health struggles, and in a statement, she says, “This year has been very difficult for me and many other people, and I’ve had times that I’ve really felt my lowest. I wrote ‘Doesn’t Matter’ during one of these periods when I felt truly overwhelmed, anxious, and stuck.  I was diagnosed with OCD, which actually helped me understand myself better.”

“This song ponders on what it would be like to feel truly carefree and how much easier life would be,” she continues. “Sometimes, it’s hard for people who don’t suffer from anxiety or depression to really understand what it’s like for us. People telling you not to worry or saying ‘it doesn’t matter’ don’t understand that it’s not that simple.”

“Having had help to learn how to deal with my own anxiety and depression, I want others to know that there is a way through,” she adds.  Benee shared more about her feelings in an Instagram post earlier this month on World Mental Health Day.

Last week, Benee teamed up with Nashville singer/songwriter Dreamer Boy for a new song called “Are You Letting Go?”  She has plans for more music in the near future, and a tour lined up for 2022.

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