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Tai Verdes is ready for his Lollapalooza moment, predicts he’ll “pass out” on the stage

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Angelo Kritikos

A year ago, Tai Verdes was really only known to TikTok audiences and had never played an actual concert. But now he’s got a record deal, a radio hit with “A-O-K” and an afternoon performance today at Lollapalooza — during which, he predicts he’ll “pass out.”

Tai performs at the legendary Chicago festival on the Bud Light stage at 1:15 p.m., and he’ll then do a more intimate performance at 4:30 in the afternoon in the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions area.  So what can fans expect from the live Tai Verdes experience?

“It’s really just going to be me having the time of my life, and I probably am just going to pass out on the floor and they’re going have to pick me up!” he laughs. “That’s what’s gonna happen!”

But seriously, Tai predicts, “It’s just gonna to be me having a great time, ’cause these songs are so much fun to sing for me, because they’re just me.  And I just want to, y’know, connect with the people that also like them, because we’re already friends, ’cause we have the same interest — and that’s the music that I make.”

But while many artists have attended Lollapalooza before they became famous and dreamed of performing at the festival, Tai’s not one of them.

“Not really, I didn’t go to shows like that,” he tells ABC Audio. “The first time I go to Lollapalooza will be when I’m on that main stage, so I think that’ll be crazy!  So it’s gonna be awesome.”

Tai’s Lollapalooza stint will be followed by an opening act slot on the upcoming Quinn XCII/Chelsea Cutler tour, and then by his own headlining tour in the fall.

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