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Tate McRae’s ready for her virtual concert — but she’s dreaming of the real thing

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Sami Drasin

Saturday night, Tate McRae will take the stage for her Global Virtual Show, where she’ll perform the songs on her latest EP TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD. But as cool as that is, Tate says she can’t wait until she’s back on an actual stage, performing for real live audiences.

While Tate’s hit “you broke me first” is a huge hit, she hasn’t had a chance to experience singing it live for thousands of fans, and that’s what she’s really looking forward to.  “I want to so bad, so bad!” she tells ABC Audio. “I just dream of being at a festival and singing that song with people in the crowd, that would be so cool!”

Her dream will come true this summer: She’s booked to perform at a number of festivals, including Cleveland’s Wonderstruck in July, two British festivals in August, Bonnaroo in early September, and New York’s Governors Ball in late September.  And Tate says her performances will probably be a lot looser than the ones you’ve seen her do on TV.

“I think of festivals more of like a less-staged situation,” Tate explains. “Obviously, I want to somehow incorporate dancing into it. I just imagine crazy lights, my band, me jumping around the stage, I don’t know. I feel like you can play around with festivals because they’re so fun.

Meanwhile, Tate’s Global Virtual Show will stream at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday night for fans in North and South America, and at various other times for fans in Asia, the U.K. Europe and Australia.  Visit for tickets and more information.  A variety of merch bundles and VIP options are available.

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