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Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney interview each other in 'Rolling Stone': "This was so awesome!"

Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, photographed in London on October 6th, 2020, by Mary McCartney

Yesterday, Paul McCartney tweeted a series of dice emojis — 13 in all.  Hard-core Taylor Swift fans, aware that “13” is Taylor’s lucky number, immediately predicted a collaboration between her and the Beatles legend.  Well, they were right, though it’s not a musical one.

Paul and Taylor have interviewed each other for the “Musicians on Musicians” cover story in the new issue of Rolling Stone.  Posting a photo of the cover, which shows them standing together with her arm around Paul’s shoulder, Taylor wrote,It only took one day to confirm what I had suspected for years: Paul McCartney is the loveliest person alive.”

In their wide-ranging chat, Taylor, who’s close friends with McCartney’s daughter Stella, fangirls over the legend, and even asks him to write down her favorite lyric by him and sign it for her. The two discuss songwriting, celebrity and the fact that they both recorded albums in lockdown: her Folklore and his McCartney III, coming out in December.

Taylor says one big lesson she learned from seeing Paul live is that you’ve got to play the hits, even though you’ve “played them 300 million times.”

“The people who come to our shows have spent a lot of money,” Paul explains. “We can afford to go to a couple of shows and it doesn’t make much difference. But a lot of ordinary working folks…it’s a big event in their life, and so I try and deliver.”

Taylor also says she admires Paul’s ability to balance his fame and family life, saying she can’t control whether or not there are “20 photographers outside in the bushes.”

“So how does that go? Does your partner sympathize with that and understand?” Paul asks. “Oh, absolutely,” Taylor responds, referring to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.  She also reveals that her song “Peace” is about “trying to find bits of normalcy” with him.

At one point, Taylor brings up the fact that had COVID-19 not happened, both of them would have played the U.K.’s Glastonbury festival — and Paul reveals that he would’ve asked Taylor to perform with him.

“I would’ve done ‘Shake It Off,'” he reveals, leading Taylor to gush, “Oh, my God, that would have been amazing.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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