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Taylor Swift celebrates her fans with rerecorded version of "Love Story (Taylor's Version)"

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Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift is reclaiming her music one song at a time.  At the stroke of midnight Friday, she released the rerecorded version of the single that catapulted her into superstardom 13 years ago — “Love Story.”

“Love Story,” which came out in 2008, was part of Swift’s sophomore album, Fearless.

Taylor’s updated “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” still exudes the dreamy romanticism fans and emotion fans came to love about the singer’s music — all while showcasing how much her voice has grown over the years.  

However, she makes it evident in the lyric video that she is celebrating the journey she embarked on with fans over a decade ago by highlighting her fondest memories during the Fearless era.

Throughout the four minute video, Swift, 31, shares a series of adorable throwback photos and videos of her hugging and smiling with fans during various meet and greets, bringing a whole new meaning to the lyric, “We were both young when I first saw you.”

The sentimental video ends with a teenaged Taylor making a heart shape with her hands as the screen reads, “With love to all of my fans.”

Also, in the minutes leading up to the song’s midnight premiere, Taylor secretly updated her website to announce the rebranded Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album will be released April 9 — confirming the Easter egg fans noticed in her social media posts from earlier in the day.

As previously reported, during her Thursday appearance on Good Morning America, the 10-time Grammy Award winner said she was “excited” to share her new music with fans.  She also revealed more about the upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album, noting that the album will tout “6 never before released songs from the vault,” bumping the track list to 26 songs.

Fans can preorder the album now.

By Megan Stone
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