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Taylor Swift fan finds and returns box full of signed "folklore" CDs

Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

What would you do if a box full of CDs signed by Taylor Swift landed in your lap? If you’re anything like one fan, you’d return them because that’s what Swift would want you to do.

After word got out that the “Cardigan” singer was sending signed copies of her latest album folklore, fans lined up in front of stores to get their hands on one. Tom Smith, the manager of a Green Bay store, learned that his location would be receiving a box with 30 copies on Saturday, however, what he didn’t know was that the delivery would arrive before the store was open and an employee would be available to sign.

So, when the package arrived Saturday morning, 15-minutes before the store’s opening, the delivery driver let a fan sign for the precious cargo. The woman then gave Smith the package once the store opened.

Smith told Today that he thanked the woman for not walking off with the delivery and she replied, “‘Taylor would have not wanted me to walk off with this.'”

Smith also explained to the Green Bay Press Gazette that the woman could have easily took the autographed albums and made $9,000 selling them online. Given that she did the right thing, though, Smith said it “makes you have faith in human beings again.”

“It totally shows the character of Taylor Swift fans,” he added. “Taylor Swift, I think, does such cool things, and I think they’re taking their cue from her.”

By Danielle Long
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