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Taylor Swift gives fans a new way to listen to 'folklore'

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If you’ve been streaming Taylor Swift‘s folklore album non-stop since she surprise-released it a few weeks ago, stop — because Taylor’s just given fans a whole new way to listen to the record.

In my head, the songs on folklore fit together in different groups and ‘chapters’ – based on how they fit together thematically,” Taylor tweeted on Friday. “I want to share the first one today. Here’s folklore: the escapism chapter.”

Taylor then links to a playlist that features the following six songs from folklore, rearranged in a different order:  “The Lakes,” “Seven,” “Epiphany,” “Cardigan,” “Mirrorball” and “Exile.”

As for why this is called the “escapism chapter,” one fan suggests that each song is about escaping a different thing: “The Lakes” is about escaping from the world of paparazzi and social media, “Seven” is about escaping your parents, “Epiphany” is about escaping through death, “Cardigan” and “Exile” are about escaping relationships, and “Mirrorball” is about escaping yourself.

Of course, that’s just an opinion: Taylor hasn’t confirmed whether or not that’s correct.

Other fans think it’s odd that she’s put “Cardigan” in this chapter, but not the two other songs that are thematically linked to it: “Betty” and “August.”   Taylor hasn’t explained that one, either.

By Andrea Dresdale
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