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Taylor Swift is the first artist ever to top these four charts in the same week

Beth Garrabrant

Another day, another chart victory for Taylor Swift.  The “willow” singer is now sitting atop four different Billboard charts: the Hot 100, Country, Rock & Alternative, and Alternative Songwriters charts.   She’s the only artist ever to have accomplished this in the same week.

These charts are based on points accrued by a songwriter for each track they wrote that appears on the corresponding genre chart. In Taylor’s case, she earned the most points because nearly every song from her new album, evermore, has flooded the Hot 100, Hot Country, Hot Rock & Alternative and Hot Alternative Songs charts.

On the Hot 100, all 15 songs from evermore have charted, and on the Rock and Alternative charts, 14 of evermore‘s songs made the tally.

On the Hot Country Songs chart, Taylor has two entries: “no body, no crime,” from evermore, and “betty,” from folklore.  Despite her long career as a country star prior to her entering the pop world, this marks the first time she’s ever hit number one the Country Songwriters chart.

Of course, evermore is number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, too, while “willow” tops the Hot 100.

By Andrea Dresdale
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