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Taylor Swift offers update on cat Meredith, thanks fans for ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ support

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Beth Garrabrant

It’s a good day in the land of Taylor Swift

In response to fans’ urgent inquires about her cat Meredith, the superstar put their minds at ease by informing them that the feline is not missing — she’s just shy. 

Taylor posted an Instagram video on Friday talking to her other cat, Benjamin Button, addressing the rumors that Meredith was missing. “The truth is, Meredith just hates having her picture taken,” the singer writes, sharing a series of humorous snaps of a displeased Meredith.

“She’s just a really private little cat. She likes her business kept to herself, she doesn’t like a camera shoved in her face, and who can blame her,” Taylor went on. “So there’s your update on Meredith.”

Taylor ends the video by asking her pet, “do you have any comment on the recent allegations that you’re a missing cat?” as the feline runs for cover.

The former country hitmaker also revealed that Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is not only the top album release so far this year, it also had the biggest opening week for a country album in the last six years. She thanked her fans for their support. 

“WELL WELL WELL you all really went out and left my greatest expectations in shambles this week,” Taylor shares. “Honestly??? How?? Did I get this lucky????”


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