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Taylor Swift resurrects “Drunk Taylor” in “Nothing New” Instagram Reel post

Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift has turned one of her “From the Vault” songs on Red (Taylor’s Version) into a nostalgic post on her Instagram Reel.

Taylor has resurrected the “Drunk Taylor” meme from 2019, which was based on footage showing her seemingly wasted at a party she threw in Los Angeles in 2019 around her Lover era.   On her Instagram Reel, she’s seen singing along to her song “Nothing New,” her duet with Phoebe Bridgers.

As Taylor sings, “I’ve had too much to drink tonight,” the recording slows down, making it sound like a drunk slurring her words.  It’s labeled “Nothing New (Drunk Version).”

Then, we see stills from the 2019 “Drunk Taylor” footage, over which Taylor has written, “Drunk Taylor was her name, Mojitos were her game.”

“I cringe but I miss her,” Taylor captioned the post. “Your move, @phoebebridgers.”

So far, Phoebe hasn’t responded.


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