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Taylor Swift sends special delivery to fan who's been lifting postal workers' spirits

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When Taylor Swift found out one of her young fans was spreading positivity to essential mail carriers during quarantine, she decided to surprise the fan with a special delivery of her own.

Emerson Weber, an 11-year-old from Sioux Falls, S.D., has been spending the last few weeks writing letters to mail carrier all across the U.S. as a way to show her gratitude for their hard work.

It started with a thank-you note to her own postman and after it was shared in an internal U.S. Postal Service newsletter, Emerson gained postal worker pen pals from around the country. In many of her letters, she bonded with her new pals over a love of Taylor’s music, and news of that eventually reached Taylor herself.

In a series of tweets written by Emerson’s father, Hugh Weber, he described the special package his daughter received from Taylor. It contained a hand-painted letter from Taylor, Taylor’s own personal “13” wax seal to use on Emerson’s future letters, and some Lover shirts.

“She was touched… honored… happy… to hear about Emerson mentioning her & her music in her letters,” Emerson’s dad tweeted. “But, she found it more important that she ‘writes letters to people who don’t expect a thank you.’”

Emerson’s dad added, “We’re a puddle of tears over here. And, it has nothing to do with Taylor’s celebrity. It has everything to do with her humanity. Inexplicably, she sees Em. She sees her beauty. She sees her heart. She sees the real her.”

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