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Taylor Swift’s childhood home reportedly sold for $1 million

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It’s not the famous “Christmas Tree Farm,” but one of the houses that Taylor Swift lived in as a kid in Pennsylvania has been sold for a cool million bucks.

Taylor and her family moved into a rented five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Wyomissing, PA when she was 10.  When she was 14, her family relocated to Hendersonville, TN.  The New York Post reports that in February, that home was put on the market for $1.1 million, and after a $100K price cut, it went into contract this past Friday.

The house, which has changed hands several times since Taylor and her family moved out, is more than 3,500 square feet and features hardwood flooring, a fireplace, gourmet kitchen, wet bar, heated pool and a hot tub.

As for that Christmas tree farm that Taylor sings about, that’s where she and her family lived before they moved into that five-bedroom rented home. Her dad, who worked in finance, bought the farm from a client and, Taylor told Esquire, he would “tend to the farm as his hobby.”

Since leaving Pennsylvania, Taylor’s gone on to acquire an extensive real estate portfolio, with homes in Los Angeles, New York City, Rhode Island, Nashville and, reportedly, London.

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