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Taylor Swift’s latest awards show speech has some fans convinced re-recorded ‘1989’ is on the way

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Could Taylor Swift be readying the “Taylor’s Version” release of 1989

The Grammy winner raised some eyebrows at the Las Culturistas Culture Awards on Saturday. The award show is hosted by comedians Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers and based on their comedy podcast of the same name.

Taylor made a surprise appearance at the ceremony when receiving the awards for “Best Taylor Swift” and “Best Tayla Swiff,” which Rogers explained is the terminology the podcast uses for her “vixen” alter ego. Taylor’s cookie baking won the first award, while her mashup of her songs “Wildest Dreams” and “Enchanted” during the 1989 Tour took home the second honor.

Pop Crave reports fans took notice of a peculiar message written on a chalkboard in Taylor’s first acceptance speech, which reads “1989 secret session Nashville” with four stars drawn on it. There were other Easter eggs hidden in the speech, with one fan pointing out on Twitter, “Blue vest, 1989 era bangs, obvious shorter hair (despite it being tied back), 1989 SS wall thing, lifting the tray out of the oven in the same way/filmed on the same angle as in the 1989 SS video, Wildest Dreams mention… 1989 TV is coming.”

Also during the pre-recorded speech, Taylor walks toward her oven to show off her latest batch of cookies.  Noting she “worked hard on” them, she pulls out a glass of white wine and says she is “going to enjoy it now.”

In her second pre-recorded message, the “Willow” singer jokes, “Finally! Somebody spelled my name right, which is T-A-Y-L-A, S-W-I-F-F.”

It is unknown when or if 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is coming. Details about the Nashville secret session are also unknown at this time.

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