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Taylor Swift’s stalker arrested, jailed, slapped with protection order

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A man who allegedly stalked Taylor Swift “across multiple states,” including New York, was arrested and charged with stalking and criminal trespass over the weekend, the New York Post reports.

Police said 35-year-old Joshua Christian went to Taylor’s New York City home in March and on June 12. According to the assistant district attorney, Christian allegedly spoke into the intercom at the property and said, “You’re holding her prisoner and I need to set her free.”

In March, Christian allegedly got into Swift’s New York City home through an unlocked door and stayed there until security confronted him.  At Christian’s arraignment in Manhattan criminal court, a prosecutor said that Christian had traveled to Taylor’s house in Tennessee as well.  The police are also investigating an additional incident of alleged stalking.

A judge issued a full order of protection for Christian to stay away from Taylor. He set bail at $1, but also sent Christian to jail without bail for fleeing a reckless driving charge in Florida.  He has a July 28 court date in that case.

The New York Post reports that during Christian’s court appearance, he yelled that he was a Christian scientist, said he didn’t want his Legal Aid lawyer to represent him, and called the proceedings “the worst miscarriage of justice since the crucifixion of Christ Jesus.”

Christian’s lawyer has requested that Christian undergo a psychiatric and mental evaluation.

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