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Thanks to Barbra Streisand, George Floyd's daughter Gianna now owns stock in Disney

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Gianna Floyd, the six-year-old daughter of the late George Floyd, received a generous and unexpected surprise from Barbra Streisand.  Thanks to the Funny Girl star, Gianna is now an official Disney stockholder.

The six-year-old excitedly made the announcement Saturday on her Instagram, being sure to include a slideshow of the gift Streisand sent her.  “Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package,” Gianna gushed in the caption. “I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you.”

Gianna happily showcased the crimson red folder that contained an official certificate from Disney, as well as a letter from the company.

That wasn’t the only thing the 78-year-old included in her present, she also sent along her two albums: My Name is Barbra and Color me Barbra.  

The post not only impressed Frozen 2 star Josh Gad, it also inspired him to personally welcome Gianna to the Disney family.  “Well, now that you’re a Disney stockholder, let me know if you want a special message from Olaf,” he offered in the comments section.

While it is unclear how much stock Streisand purchased for Gianna’s new portfolio, it should be noted that Disney does relatively well in the stock market, so it’s entirely possible the six-year-old will see impressive returns in the investment over the years. 

As reported by Nasdaq, Disney is one of the world’s leading entertainment companies that touts strong brand recognition.  It estimates that, within the next five years, Disney will strengthen into an even larger blue chip stock.

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By Megan Stone
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