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Thanks to the power of TikTok, Meghan Trainor finally releases music video for “Title”

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The saying goes, “Better late than never!”  It’s been six years in the making, but Meghan Trainor‘s fans can finally see the music video for “Title” and they have TikTok to thank for it.  

Although Meghan filmed the music video in 2014, it never really saw the light of day.  It was included on a special international edition of the Title album, but it was never made available in the U.S.  Other than that, the music video was never officially released and was left in a vault, much to her fans’ chagrin.

Thankfully, the track recently gained new life on the video sharing app after users connected with its blunt lyrics and turned it into a dance trend.  It became so popular, Meghan revealed on Tuesday that her label finally gave her the go-ahead to cash in on the “Title” craze.

“When they don’t let you release the official music video until tik tok blows it up 6 years later,” the Grammy winner shared in a video of her dancing along to her hit.

The “Title” video was released Wednesday and shows the then-21-year-old Meghan judging a “Mister America” pageant, which features subtle jabs on the pageant industry.  After the competitors showcase their talents, wax off their body hair and strut around in Speedos, Meghan crowns the winner and walks arm-in-arm with him into the spotlight.

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