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“That’s what makes you outdated”: Netflix heist drama gets One Direction’s timeline very wrong

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One Direction fans are having a laugh — or a panic attack — over the new Netflix heist drama Kaleidoscope. Why? It apparently got the band’s timeline very wrong.

The series is about a group of people trying to pull off a multibillion-dollar heist, with each color-coded episode taking place before, during or after the deed. The episode that’s raising some One Directioners’ hackles is the one titled “Green,” which is a flashback that takes place seven years before the main event — in other words, 2016. 

For those who know their One Direction history, you might have an idea where this is going.

The episode features Rosaline Elbay‘s Judy trying to do a solid for her imprisoned boyfriend, Peter Mark Kendall‘s Stan, by smuggling in some SIM cards. A prison guard catches her, so she tries to bribe her way out of trouble by offering the officer tickets to see One Direction at Madison Square Garden.

Fans are having a field day with this blunder for two big reasons. The first and most obvious error is that the band went on hiatus in August 2015. The second, less obvious issue is that One Direction only performed at MSG once — in 2012.

Others have issued theories that this was intentional and believe the tickets are supposed to be obvious fakes.

The show’s creators have yet to address One Direction’s fans.

Kaleidoscope, also starring Better Call Saul‘s Giancarlo Esposito, is streaming on Netflix.

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