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The Big Fat Summer


Dez has come into a major dilemma this week. A fork in the road that will determine what direction her entire summer will go. What’s the dilemma you ask? Dez is debating, do I start trying to lose some weight and get in better shape? Eat a better diet, start exercising, walking, running, swimming and on and on. Or… Do I push it off, say screw it, and make it yet another “Big Fat Summer?!” #BFS A question that seems to plague her every year around this time. Dez is known and praised around these parts for her tremendous dedication and commitment. Although diagnosed years ago and suffering with a crippling case of #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), weekends spent soaking in her hot tub drinking bottles of wine with friends, carousing cruises sipping mimosas on her boat, and painting the beautiful town of River Falls, Wisconsin; somehow she has managed to stay committed and pull off a “Big Fat Summer” year after year for the better part of a decade now. Wow, so inspiring! However, this year is proving to be different. With more and more friends subtly dropping hints that maybe she should start working on herself just a bit, this year already has Dez questioning can she somehow pull off yet another BFS again? She’s already cracking and starting a three day cleanse next week. The good news is she’s getting ahead of the cleanse. She almost shutdown a Raising Cane’s yesterday and has two parties this weekend featuring taco bars and a buffet that she’ll be attending. Not everyone supports her BFS lifestyle though. After putting on a show for friends and family just trying to get up off the floor this past weekend her loved ones said Dez we’re so sorry, but this summer probably shouldn’t be a big fat one. Dez simply and gently put them all in their place responding “There’s no dainty way to sit up.” So true Dez, so true. Others support the lifestyle saying just enjoy yourself and do whatever you want. With the mantra “Enjoy life!” To that I raise my glass and say amen! And then there are those in the middle. Suggesting Dez just go all in and completely wreck herself for a short period of time and then start living a healthier lifestyle. Only time will tell what road our gorgeous Dez will travel this summer. The bad news, Dez did say on-air this week that this summer there’s going to be a “new me”. The one positive is, as of now, Dez continues to plan her life around “What buffet can I hit today?” The answer to that question is the same answer as what will Dez decide to do this summer. The possibilities are endless! There’s still so many unknowns. What we do know is, no matter what trail Dez decides to blaze, she will certainly look fabulous doing it, continue to make us laugh, and always have a snicky-snack and dippy on hand at all times. Most likely a full glass of wine too. And we will continue to love her more and more every day, thank the heavens that we get to work with her and be in her presence daily, and make sure her every request is fulfilled! So here’s to you Dez, Big Fat Summer or not, we all love and appreciate you so much. Cheers!