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The Chainsmokers’ album ‘So Far So Good’ coming May 13


After multiple teases, The Chainsmokers have finally announced the details of their upcoming album.

Called So Far So Good, the 13-track album drops on May 13, and is available for pre-order now. A trailer posted on YouTube shows Drew Taggart and Alex Pall making the album in Hawaii — in between surfing and running around shirtless, that is.

“It’s like, wake up, go surfing for three or four hours, come back and then we’d just spend the next 12 hours working on music,” Drew says in a voice over.

As for the album’s title, Drew explains it in the trailer: It’s a reference to the 1995 French film La Haine, which means Hate.  As Drew notes, “The movie starts out, and the guy’s saying, ‘Have you heard the one where the guy falls off the skyscraper, and on his way down, he says to himself, ‘So far so good?'”

Drew continues, “We love the optimism in that whole little bit, and that’s kind of the optimism that we wanted to carry through the entire…album and we wanted to do it quite literally with the cover.”  The cover art shows both men falling through space.

So Far So Good features the duo’s latest singles, “High” and “iPad.” Here’s the track listing:

“Solo Mission”
“Something Different”
“I Love U”
“If You’re Serious”
“Channel 1”
“In Too Deep”
“I Hope You Change Your Mind”

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