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The Chainsmokers reveal what happened when they caught a group pretending to be them

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The Chainsmokers may have been inspired by real life events when they used their doppelgängers to promote their grand return to the music world — apparently Drew Taggart and Alex Pall came across a group of guys pretending to be them.

The “Closer” duo spoke recently to Australian DJ Smallzy and Drew recalled the incident that happened “a couple years ago” when he was leaving a club. “I remember overhearing these two guys — it might have been more — this group of guys like convincing this group of girls that they were us,” he explained. “And we, like, walk past and none of them even noticed! I mean, I don’t even know what the fate of that night was for them. But I mean, I witnessed it.”

The Chainsmokers went viral earlier this year after fans noticed the duo looked a bit different when they returned to social media after a two year hiatus to promote their new single, “High.”  Leading up to the song’s January 28 release, the Grammy winners came clean that they used not-so-convincing lookalikes to hype their comeback.

The Chainsmokers are getting ready to release their fourth studio album, which still doesn’t have an official release date or title.

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