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The Chainsmokers tap their doppelgängers to tease their return to music: “It’s almost time”

The Chainsmokers Perform Exclusive Concert For SiriusXM And Pandora  As Part Of Its Super Bowl Week Opening Drive Super Concert Series
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Pandora


If you’ve been following The Chainsmokers on TikTok in hopes their dormant account would one day spring to life, just know that day has finally come.

On Monday, the “Closer” hitmakers shared three videos teasing their return to music after a nearly-three year hiatus.  The first clip uses that same purple hue that’s been permeating their socials — such as their new icons and headers — before switching to a fully-colored look at two guys mixing a song in the studio.  The video ends with the word “TCS4,” the code name of their upcoming fourth studio album, against a lavender backdrop.

The short is captioned, “It’s almost time #TCS4.”

Things then start to get a little weird because it’s not actually Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall appearing in the videos — but a pair of lookalikes.

In the second video where the supposed Chainsmokers explain why they’ve “been gone for a few years” — the answer being that they want to get into boxing or martial arts — fans flooded the comment section.  One wrote, “This is literally not the chainsmokers????” while another remarked, “When you order the chainsmokers from Wish.”  

A third video features the duo singing along to their Coldplay collab “Something Just Like This,” but the Drew lookalike fudges the lyrics and sings somewhat poorly. 

It is unknown why the Chainsmokers are using stand ins on their verified TikTok account.  But, an answer is sure to come when the Grammy winners are ready to talk more about their upcoming album or when they release their all-new single, “High,” which they teased last week.


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