Crisco, Dez & Ryan | Featured | KS95

The Ding & Dong Extravaganza!


It’s a common phrase around here, “nobody is better at their job than Ryan!” and it’s true. Now, everybody that works deserves a little time off now and then. Unfortunately that also includes Ryan. Sadly the end of summer is rapidly approaching faster than we’d like and will be here before we know it. That said, Ryan decided to call a quick audible last second and is taking a couple days off in the near feature to enjoy the nice weather while it’s still here. Sounds wonderful… for him. For the rest of us only time will tell and we all know why. With Ryan gone, that means we all get to experience the Ding & Dong Extravaganza. An experience that always leaves us speechless and stunned. Questioning what will be the state of the morning show whenever Ryan does decide it’s time to walk away and drift into the beautiful sunset of Hawaii? Dear God, please don’t let that happen for at least a couple more decades! When Ryan finally does decide to leave, whenever that may be, collectively we all have the feeling that the show might follow right behind him. Why do we have that feeling? Well, simply two words, “Ding” and “Dong”. For the time being, when Ryan’s gone literally our only option right now is to lean on the Ding & Dong Show to get us through till Ryan returns. Normally that’s no more than a week at most. We all can typically stomach Ding & Dong for a week. It’s just like suffering from the occasional seasonal flu. Obviously none of us want that, it makes us sick, but we pop a couple pills every four hours, get as much rest as possible and just tough it out knowing eventually it’ll pass, we’ll start feeling better and it’ll all be over soon. It’s the same thing with the Ding & Dong show and Crisco and Dez will be the first to admit it. It makes us all sick to our stomach, it’s very hard, annoying, and quite a challenge to get through, but just hang in there and before we know it we’re back to feeling better, aka Ryan returns. However, there is a group of people that actually enjoy the Ding & Dong Extravaganza. The only explanation we can think of is the classic bangers that get played. The Ding & Dong Extravaganza now features plenty of classic, throwback jams all morning that get us up and dancing, singing at the top of our lungs, and through the show. The amazing songs plus Crisco and Dez are definitely still funny in their own, unique way and that makes the show almost tolerable. We don’t know if it’s their jokes that have us wiping tears from our eyes or just the hundreds of mistakes and childish conversations they have throughout the morning, the fact is, somehow they keep us laughing and entertained every single time Ryan is out. So whether you want to listen for the jokes and tantalizing conversations or just to hear all the mistakes, write them down and report them back to Ryan so he can read them on-air when he gets back (which we would love and highly encourage), please make sure to tune into the next Ding & Dong Extravaganza. It’ll definitely be… something?