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The Go-Go's team with PETA for new "Go-Go Vegan" t-shirt

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Courtesy PETA

In 1990, The Go-Go’s famously proclaimed, “We’d rather Go-Go naked than wear fur,” kicking off PETA’s famous celebrity-backed animal rights campaign.  Now the legendary band is teaming with PETA once again for a new pro-animal t-shirt.

Since PETA and The Go-Go’s both got their starts in 1980, the two entities are celebrating their respective 40th anniversaries with a new t-shirt that proclaims “Go-Go Vegan.”  Modeled by Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle, you can buy it now from the PETA Shop.

“It’s been a thrill to have been involved with PETA since the beginning, and I’m just as eager as ever to help promote animal rights,” says Belinda in a statement.  In fact, last month, the singer, who lives in Bangkok, helped PETA pressure Costco to stop selling a brand of coconut milk made in Thailand using forced labor from chained monkeys.

Later this month, Carlisle will participate in PETA’s 40th anniversary virtual celebration.  The Go-Go’s plan a concert tour for next year.

By Andrea Dresdale
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