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The Kid LAROI explains why it’s “time to close the ‘F*ck Love’ show”

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Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of The Kid LAROI‘s debut mixtape F*ck Love.  In November 2020, he followed it with a second project, F*ck Love (Savage) and this Friday, the third installment, F*ck Love 3: Over You arrives.  But according to LAROI, there won’t be a fourth release…because his love life is finally picking up.

Speaking to Billboard, the Australian artist explains that this Friday’s release is the final chapter in the series “just because of what’s happening in my life.”

“I have a girlfriend now and I really love her,” he adds. “It’s time to close the F*ck Love show.”

So far, F*ck Love 3 is off to a great start: The first single, “Stay,” debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, a career-best for LAROI.  But he tells Billboard that he’s not spending too much time celebrating.

“I don’t really like to think about it too much. I like to keep it moving and just forget about it a little bit,” he explains.

“Stay” features Justin Bieber, a friend and a mentor to LAROI; they first worked together on Justin’s album JUSTICE.

“Justin hit me [up on Instagram] because he just [liked] with my music and was trying to get me on the project,” LAROI explains, adding, “I came to Justin and asked him for some advice when I was going through a hard time, and he helped me out.”

So, with a big hit and three mixtapes under his belt, when can we expect a debut album from the 17-year-old artist?

“Probably 2022. I’m just taking it as it comes,” he says, adding, “If it’s ready earlier, it’ll be out earlier.”

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