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The Kid LAROI says the secret to his success is “raw emotion”

Courtesy MTV

The Kid LAROI is having a moment: He’s featured on Justin Bieber‘s number-one album JUSTICE, and he’s just been named MTV’s PUSH Global artist for the month of April. The 17-year-old Aussie is a sensation thanks to his hit “Without You,” and he thinks that what people are responding to is how he manages to inject his feelings into everything he records.

“They can feel the raw emotion in it,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I think that’s one thing about me, you know? I’m not, I’m not the best singer, I’m not necessarily the best songwriter in the world, you know, the best poet or whatever. But what I do, when I write songs and when I when I sing is, is the emotion, y’know what I’m saying?”

“And so even though I might not be, again, the best poet, the best at rhyming words, I feel like you could hear that it’s really a real situation, and I’m really going through something,” he adds.

In fact, he reveals, “That’s the thing that my fans tell me that they like about me the most is the emotion: You can feel it. Because what good is, like, a great song if you can’t hear the emotion?” 

As part of the MTV PUSH program, you can now watch LAROI deliver two exclusive performances of his songs “Without You” and “Tragic,” as well as an interview about his success, his musical influences and his background.

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