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The Kid LAROI tells fans to be patient about upcoming album: “I still gotta finish it. It’s not done!”

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The Kid LAROI is taking his time with his sophomore album and is letting fans know they need to be patient.

Speaking to Sony as part of their Set the Stage concert series, the “Stay” singer responded to fan questions about the album’s release date with “I don’t know. I still got to finish it.  It’s not done!”

The Kid LAROI also shared the strangest thing that’s happened while he was recording music. “I was working with Post [Malone] and we tattooed each other,” said LAROI, though he didn’t share details about the song the two were recording together.  He did say he plans to release it “hopefully on my own,” then again dodged a release date question and followed up with, “We have one for his [album] too.  I don’t know if I was supposed to say that, though.”

Speaking about his rise to fame, LAROI said, “It’s been really cool.  It definitely wasn’t overnight, but it does feel really quick.” He also insisted he’s not “thinking about it too much,” because other artists who became “enamored by it” began taking themselves too seriously. 

“You just got to keep it moving onto the next thing,” LAROI stated, saying that’s what allows him to stay “100 percent” connected to his music.

When another fan asked how he chose his stage name, LAROI agreed “It’s a sick name,” but did not elaborate. 

He was also asked what Australia smells like, which he says is “fresher than LA.”

LAROI also performed his smash-hit single, “STAY.”

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