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The Loved One Launcher!!!


Ok, so super morbid BUT after Covid happened I started to seriously think about what I want done with my body after I die. The idea of being in the ground freaks me out considering I cant even do a simple MRI so I lean towards cremation which honestly doesnt sound awesome either but whatever. I also LOVE the ocean, the water is where I feel most at peace.  THEN I saw THIS today! It’s the “Loved One Launcher” LOL at the name.  I always OVER-do everything, every holiday, birthday, its big and I would (and still probably will) set off confetti cannons in my home on someone’s next birthday!  Anyway! This is $375 and you put your loved ones ashes in it WITH CONFETTI AND GLITTER and shoot it off! I want this on a double decker party boat on the ocean!

Edit*** Someone reminded me duh polluting the ocean is bad obviously and I was so dang excited I forgot about that so now I need a different plan BUT still a loved one launcher!