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The Polite, but Fake Invitation

Sometimes it seems Crisco is living in his very own world. The big guy has a friend that is pretty well set in life financially. Crisco was sharing a story with us about this past weekend. He went out to breakfast with this friend of his over the weekend and his buddy was telling him all about his reality portfolio. He owns property and several homes all over the country. His friend ended up making the huge mistake of telling Crisco he’s welcome to stay at any of those homes anytime. Well, Crisco took full advantage of that kind offer and booked all his vacations for the next five years. Vacations in Arizona, Colorado, California and all over this beautiful country of ours, completely unaware of the universally known “polite invitation”. We all know what this sort of thing is. The “Hello, how are you?” the “We totally need to get together next time you’re in town!” and of course “Yeah, you’re welcome to stay anytime.” Those of us with any common sense know that when someone asks you “Hey, how are you doing?” they’re just being polite and don’t want your whole life story. It’s just a polite, common greeting. Apparently Crisco didn’t know this. Don’t ask him how he’s doing, don’t tell him we need to go to dinner sometime, and definitely don’t tell him he’s welcome to stay at your place! He and his family will be there before you know it and you will never be able to get that smell out of your home! Unfortunately, as so many other times, we had to be the ones to break the news to Crisco that he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Your friend was just being polite Crisco. You’re not supposed to actually accept the polite invitation. Crisco said no, no, you guys are wrong. He said I can stay at any of his homes anytime and I’m going to do it. In fact, I’m going to text him right now and book my Arizona trip. Yet another time Crisco rejected our advice, and yet another time it ended very poorly for him. In the midst of the show Crisco proceeded to text his pal asking if he could stay at his place in Arizona. After a few minutes his friend texted him back saying definitely… Followed by a VRBO link and a text saying “check the availability.” Sadly Crisco suddenly faced with the realization that he could stay at any of his friend’s places… As long as he paid for it just like you would for anything else on VRBO or wherever you may book your lodging. There is a silver-lining to this story though! Crisco’s awesome amigo did say if he books on VRBO, he’s happy to give him the friends and family discount. Wow! How cool is that! We all still feel bad for the big guy. His sweet naivety and the innocent lenses at which he looks at this world through once again led to his downfall and heartbreak. We’re so sorry Crisco. We all love you and wish we had your unsophisticated guilelessness charm. Sadly, this world is field with phony, but intelligent people dropping polite invitations every which way like this truth bomb was just dropped on you. And so ends the story of Crisco and the polite, but fake invitation education.