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The Real Tree Disaster


I love Christmas. Growing up my mom would NEVER, I mean NEVER let us have a fake tree. It was NOT ok.  We went to tree farms every year, in fact one year we came home with two kittens who lived in the tree we picked!  To this day even though its just her, my step dad and my grandpa…her trees are still real, they are gigantic and gorgeous.  I love Christmas as much as my mom but I am not as put together as she is, she’s amazing at decorating and the ornaments match the wrapping paper with these extravagant bows.  I mean up until these past few years my wrapping paper was birthday paper left over, or shoved in any re-used bag I could find…my trees are not real with a mixture of random ornaments BUT now I really try to make things match and pretty. Annnnnyway. This was the first year I tried hard.  We went to this cute tree farm and they had colored trees and of course I HAD to have one, I had it all envisioned, I would match it with blue, white, and silver ornaments! I wanted the biggest one! My boyfriend (now husband) chopped it down and we were ready to go!


We SEVERELY underestimated how big this tree was. We had to go to  home depot after we put it up and buy branch cutters TO CUT THE TREE UP INSIDE OUR HOUSE.

There was sap. Every where. I had cuts and scrapes all over my hands and arms.  I itched so bad. So yea. This was the last time we got a real tree. My fake trees are REAL nice.

tree 2

I will say however…when we buy our first home I will attempt the real tree thing again only I will bring a measuring tape.