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The Red Knights Motorcycle Club hits the road to deliver food to homeless youth

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IMAGE: Twitter/Frederick Melo, Reporter @FrederickMelo

If you’re in the Bloomington or Eagan area, don’t be surprised if you see dozens of motorcycle riders with masks and handkerchiefs draped across their faces rolling through your neighborhood twice a week. No, they’re not a scary motorcycle gang you might see in a film! These motorcycle heroes are on a mission to deliver food to homeless youth during this pandemic! Twice a week, the Red Knights Motorcycle Club, a group of current or retired firefighters, rev up their Harleys and hit the road delivering prepared meals and groceries to homeless youth in Minnesota. With the assistance of vouchers provided by the Greater Twin Cities YMCA, homeless youth (primarily in their 20s) are able to stay safe but that still doesn’t solve their need for food. The Red Knights Motorcycle Club saw this and took action! Way to go, Red Knights!