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The “Rumors” are true: Lizzo and Cardi B confess to everything in empowering new track

Theo Wargo/Getty Image, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Lizzo and Cardi B didn’t shy away from exposing their so-called biggest secrets in their empowering new single “Rumors.”

The track, which dropped Friday at midnight, opens with Lizzo fessing up to several crimes she’s accused of before jubilantly declaring, “All the rumors are true!”

The single finds the two Grammy winners mocking and embracing the rumors that have been spread about them.  However, the main message of “Rumors” is telling haters to focus on the bigger problems of the world and not obsess over what two women choose to do with their bodies and free time.

“Spending all your time/ Tryna break a woman down/ Realer s*** is going on/ Baby, take a look around/ If you thought that I was ratchet with my [bum] hanging out/ Just wait until the summer when they let me out the house,” Lizzo sings in the music video as she ascends a giant staircase and greets a crowd of admirers.

As for Cardi, she calls out how spreading rumors isn’t just an American problem — it’s a global issue.

“They even post it on blogs overseas/ And lie in a language I can’t even read/ The f*** does this mean?,” Cardi raps before declaring she and Lizzo are targeted because they are successful — but that’s never going to stop them from living their life.

In the song, Lizzo also shouts out positive role models, such as body positivity and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the latter of which she declared, “Black people made rock ‘n’ roll, yeah!”

And while she and Cardi readily confess to all the rumors about them, there is one that isn’t true — as Lizzo unhappily reveals she has yet to get it on with Drake… but she is fantasizing about it.

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