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Three members of BTS test positive for COVID-19


Over the past few days, three members of BTS have tested positive for COVID-19, Variety reports.

Suga tested positive on Friday, while RM and Jin tested positive on Saturday.  According to Variety, all three were fully vaccinated, and hadn’t had contact with each other or the rest of the group, their management company announced.  Their symptoms are mild or non-existent.

All three members were tested upon returning to South Korea after personal travel. Suga tested positive the day after returning to South Korea on Thursday. RM self-quarantined after returning on Friday and tested positive on Saturday night.

Jin, who’d returned to South Korea on December 6, had tested negative twice, but after developing mild symptoms on Saturday, he was tested again and came up positive.

BTS are currently on a break after a very busy few months.  After the break, they have a tour planned for March in South Korea, and also plan to work on a new album.

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