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Through Rain, Sleet, or Snow… Literally

The end of last week saw the Twin Cities hit with one of the worst snow storms in recent decades. With many experts predicting record amounts of snow fall between Wednesday and into Friday there was certainly a chill in the air. This chill wasn’t coming from the frigid Minnesota air though. No, these shivers and goosebumps were brought on by the haunting memories of the ’91 blizzard #NorthRemembers. As Wednesday drew closer the flashbacks became stronger. Visions of pillow cases empty of candy, but full of snow. The Halloween costume that you worked so hard on instantly soaked with cold snow melting to unbearable cold water, forcing you to change out of your super cool, super realistic Green Power Ranger costume and into a super retro, lime green and pink snowsuit. Fashionable at the time sure, but not nearly as cool as your skin tight Green Ranger costume. A costume that not only looks visually spectacular and stunning, but allows you to trick-or-treat aerodynamically while at the same time giving you a wedgie, the likes of which Scott Farkus could only dream of giving #AtomicWedgie. Aware of possible record snow fall (at least in the recent decades) heading our way, we knew we needed to hunker down nearby the radio station or risk the fact of being snowed in and not being able to perform our morning show. The show that we love doing and allows us all to stay connected Monday-Friday 6am-9:30am. Side note, you can now hear us on the weekends too! But that’s besides the point! There was a blizzard heading straight for us and we needed to find shelter faster than Nick Cannon churns out babies! Ryan, always thinking way ahead of us and seemingly having the superpower to see into the future with impeccable timing, happened to be heading out of town Wednesday leaving us in the dust, or perhaps more fitting, the snow. Crisco, Dez & Pidge vowed come rain, sleet or snow, hell or high water, they would make it in Thursday and Friday so we could all get through this blizzard together. Because that’s what we do here in Minnesota. We’re bold, we’re brave, we always stick together and never leave a fellow ‘Sotan behind #NorthRemembers So, with just the clothes on on our back, a few suitcases full of more clothes, a fan, and a company credit card, Crisco, Dez & Pidge checked into a place that would at least provide them some shelter over the next couple of days. They were not staying in a plush, lavish, penthouse suite fit for kings and queens. No, not at all. They were forced to spend three days and two nights in a junior suite with only a single king bed in each room. But at least it would provide some shelter and once again, prove their dedication to the show and our loyal listeners. It wasn’t all bad though. The three were able to find some down time to rest and recover. Whether it was soaking in the hot tub just trying to ride out the storm, or reenacting the scene from Dirty Dancing as seen in the picture above. The crew were able to stay in great spirits even though the future was a frozen unknown. Friday came and as the Morning Show signed off-air for the final time that week, we couldn’t help but look back at all we had been through over the past 48 hours. Dez electrocuting herself trying to charge her watch. Pidge eating nothing but Snickers and Twix ice cream bars the entire time. And Crisco, proving to the entire world once and for all, he is absolutely incapable of being anything remotely close to quiet. You could hear him talking on the fourth floor as you pulled into the underground parking garage. Despite our many, MANY flaws, there is one thing you can always count on us for. Come rain, sleet or snow, you better believe we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that come 6AM Monday through Friday, we’re in the studio, our butts in our chairs, and our microphones are on. Talking and laughing with all of you. After all, that’s why we do this show we love so much, and it’s why we make sure we do everything in our power to be there. Because you guys are always there for us and we truly love you for that… #NorthRemembers