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TikTok Mom Shares Favorite Snacks That’ll “Ruin Your Life”


A mom on TikTok is cracking people up with her video tribute to her favorite snacks. Jazmyn W shared a clip where she lists the “Snacks That Will Ruin Yo Life.” She’s also a stand-up comic, so anything she talks about is entertaining to her nearly 2-million followers, whether it’s sharing dating horror stories or sharing thoughts on pop culture. So even when she reveals her favorite snacks, people are paying attention. But before she gets started, she gives fair warning, joking, “If you don’t want your life ruined, keep scrolling.”


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Coming in at number four on her list is the ciabatta rolls from Trader Joe’s. “You put these bad boys in the air fryer for six minutes,” Jazmyn explains. “Take them out, cut them in half. Put as much butter as your heart desires. Life ruined.” Number three is the Chessmen Butter Cookies from Pepperidge Farms. The funny lady takes one bite in the clip before declaring they’ll also ruin your life. Second place goes to cookies from the bakery chain Insomnia Cookies. The big perk with these is that the company delivers. “If you have an Insomnia Cookies in your city, stay away from them!,” she teases. And in the top spot as her favorite life-ruining snack? Dreyer’s Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. Jazmyn claims she doesn’t even like chocolate ice cream normally, but she swears by this one, so consider yourself warned.