Crisco, Dez & Ryan | KS95

Title: Top 3: The Ultimate Super Bowl Food


It’s taken the world by storm. Top 3.

It’s where Crisco, Dez and Ryan pick a topic, execute a snake draft, and debate the best top three of that category. It all started with the top three soups. The top three soups opened the door to the top three cereals, which naturally gave way to the top three chips, which resulted in this week’s topic, top three spring break destinations. Ryan won the first round, top three soups. Top 3 always creates a heavyweight debate between Ryan, Crisco and Dez. Little did we know, the top three soup discussion would construct a discourse almost heavy enough to lead to the destruction of the Crisco, Dez and Ryan Morning Show we all love and adore so much. “Is chili a soup?” A question that still chills the bones and sends more shivers down our spine than Ed Sheeran performing his smash hit as he sits alone with you in a candle lite room.

When it comes to that soul searching question the majority of people seem to support Ryan, chili is a soup. But, will the notorious “Is chili a soup?” question ever really be settled? Only time will tell. Ryan won the first Top 3 (top three soups). He then followed it up with a back-to-back victory (top three cereals). The next week was a very different story though! Just kidding, Ryan won for the third straight time (top three chips). Suddenly week four came upon us, “the best spring break vacation destinations”. Crisco drafted his locations, Dez drafted her locations, and finally, Ryan drafted his. It was on! The three put their choices out to you. Now, it was in your hands. We watch the tallies rise. Will Ryan win his fourth Top 3 in a row or can someone finally dethrone him? Monday came and the votes were in. There is a clear cut winner. At last, Dez gets her first Top 3 win and knocks Ryan off his pedestal! Just kidding, Ryan won again. His fourth consecutive victory and almost cementing his title as G.O.A.T. of Top 3. Crisco and Dez aren’t quite ready to declare him the greatest of all-time though. In fact, they’re hungrier than ever and were craving another match as soon as possible. Well, Ryan never backs down from a challenge and this time was no different! Just like that, the next Top 3 was born. This Friday Crisco, Dez & Ryan will debate the “Ultimate Super Bowl Food” and once again, we leave it in your hands. Who will reign supreme? Will Ryan remain the Top 3 champion and confirm his status as the best to ever do it, or will we see a new first time winner? Click below to vote who has the “Ultimate Super Bowl Food”!