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TJ And Fam DIY Halloween Costumes Through The Years

Nilly gorilla 1

I’m a big holiday gal. Doesn’t matter the holiday although Christmas is my fav and if we could have Christmas all year round, I’d take it!

Halloween is my least fav, it costs sooooo much money for a stupid costume I will wear one time. I just cant wrap my head around paying $100 on a costume for one night. My husband loves Halloween so we’ve dressed up pretty much every year since we’ve been together.  I’ll DIY it if I can because when its three people?? That’s like $300 of wasted money. It did get more fun for me after we had Nilly and I could do theme costumes. Here are some DIY costume ideas from ghosts of costumes past.

The first year we me and were just friends. 2014.

I was “fall” I made my skirt from tulle, I just tied it all around an elastic waistband (it was super cute you cant really tell in the pic) I glued fake fall leaves to a headband and painted my face. He was a nerdHalloween one

Our first year officially together. 2015

Mickey and Minnie. Fun fact we got into a huge fight on the way to a party because I wanted to hear his “Mickey voice” and he refused. HAHA I’m surprised he still wanted to marry me after that. This was very much DIY. I wore my fav black dress and tied a red ribbon around my waist.

Mickey Minnie year 1 2

Mickey minnie year 1



Year 2 2016. we didn’t dress up, I was pregnant and probs crabby.

Year 3 2017. Our daughter was 7 months old and she was a baby gorilla, my husband was the daddy gorilla and I was a zoo keeper. Again, super cheap.  I’ve gotten good at using my own clothes and just buying the accessories. For this we just got Ricky a mask (that is SUPER weird in the face LOL) and I got a hat and shirt from a sporting goods store.

Nilly gorilla 1

Nilly gorilla 2












Year 4 2018 I got lazy and figured she was still too little to care so we re-used Mickey, I was Pluto (not my best work haha) and she was Minnie.

Nilly year 2

Year 5, 2019 For SOME reason when people would ask what she was going to be for Halloween she would say “I’m going to be Buzz Lightyear and my daddy is Bo Peep” and she would NOT let up so finally I was like…ummm…I think you really have to be Bo Peep.  So he was! This is my all time fav costume of Nillys. And HOW cute is this pic?! One of the directors (or something) of Toy Story, retweeted this photo and called it his fav costume that year

Nilly 3

I was Jessie but not near as cute and Nilly and her dad!  We splurged on costumes this  year because…Nashville…everyone goes all out on everything.

halloween toy story

Year 6 2020- Well, it was pandemic year. We had JUST moved back to Minneapolis so I didnt want to do a family costume. Nilly LOVED this Minnie witch hat so I put it with this cute dress and she was a  Minnie Witch.


And finally this year I told Nilly she could pick the family costume.  She said she’s going to be Belle, her daddy would be the Beast and I…have to be the clock….the clock?? cool. Oh ok. I cant be something cute?!  Also.  Cogsworth costumes are over $100 online. I found one on marketplace by the grace of god for $40, not even sure what size it is and haven’t tried it on yet…Oh! and I have to wear a mustache. lol wish me luck, follow insta @tjradio to see how it turns out and Happy Halloween!